This creative writing course will focus on writing our life experiences through various forms of prose and narrative poetry, emphasizing craft and technique. We will learn how to tap into the creative process and develop our reading, writing, revision, and editing skills. This work will involve exercises to sharpen our powers of observation, memory, and imagination, along with techniques to find effective language and form. We will study and practice literary genres including memoir, poetry, fiction, and drama. Successful writers do not wait for inspiration; thus, regular writing practice and self-discipline are essential for success in this course.  

We will talk together about the readings, write together toward the assignments, and come together after writing to discuss the work. Reading will be done from a writer’s perspective. We will describe and analyze language and style, rather than matters of theme and context typically addressed in literature classes. What makes a “style” and how is “form” crafted? An emphasis on revision—on re-seeing your drafts—will drive the course. As any professional writer will tell you, revision is crucial to success. If you are open to re-seeing your work and to playing with language and form, you will develop a fresh and distinctive style that is your own, rather than recycling predictable words or outworn ideas that readers have heard before.