Painting I is an introduction to the fundamentals of constructing 2 dimensional imagery using acrylic paint for optimal communication with the viewer. The term “communication” is used here to include emotional, non-rational and non-literal conveyance of thought or ideas. That is not to say that self expression will be left behind. The course is designed to ignite your imagination and reveal the myriad ways in which expression can be transmitted through painting. The foundation of effective imagery making, or even what some may know as beauty, revolves around a few core principles that will be deeply explored using visual examples of artwork from history, written materials, video, documentaries, and of course the act of painting. In addition to painting each week, we will investigate late 19th through 20th century art history in a semester long Final Project that covers some of the key movements (genres) of those periods. De-coding the relationship between what a society puts forward as Art and what that society values, along with the chain of influence from one movement to another, will be part of the exploration in the Final Project for this course. This course provides General Studies Foundations - Fine Arts credit.